I paint almost exclusively recognizable subject matter; I do so in what starts out as an abstract that is vaguely realistic. I begin with one thin applied coat of warm or cool yellow, followed with a large undercoat roughed in on top. At this point, the canvas is very vague and open to major changes. It is at this point where I begin to be what I consider an “impressionistic-realist”. I don’t try to be either in a pure classical sense. I use broken strokes of color impressionistically upon large areas of flat, more concise realistically applied areas as a kind of hybrid cross.

I have developed my own personal distinct style that is very recognizable not unlike handwriting. You will know my paintings before you see my signature. By using accurate true color, proper perspective, with a sense of atmospheric light, your eyes are fooled into seeing more than is actually there. When viewed from about ten feet, your mind fills in the blanks-giving you the “impression of realism”!

I achieve these results with a limited oil palette of warm and cool primary colors. These colors include: Grumbacher red (warm), Grumbacher Thio violet (cool), Cadmium yellow medium (warm), Cadmium yellow light (cool), French Ultramarine blue (warm), Thalo blue (cool), Dioxazine purple as an extra violet and Titanium white.

The subject matter comes from the local sights of Mansfield, Ohio and my travels around the United States and Canada. I never travel without a camera or sketch pad and never forget the fishing poles!

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I have enjoyed making them!

Thank you,

Paul A. McClain


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